Closed for Private Testing

We are glad you are interested in Tails of the Heart! However, right now we are under heavy development. Only our development team can log in!

The game may take a long time to be released. However, this is not due to lack of work but instead due to us being so thorough with the developing. It is our goal for the game to be fully functional before we release it to the public. We are not rushing anything, and everyone will learn more as we are ready to reveal information.

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Tails of the Heart is an innovative new canine simulation game that focuses on two very different aspects of owning dogs! With a score of unique features, pages, and art, Tails of the Heart is simple and amazing fun.

Focus your kennel on competition dogs to get the best of the best. These dogs excel in sport-like competition such as agility, flyball, herding, dock diving, and so much more! Train and handle your dogs daily to improve their score.

Or, focus your kennel on service dogs to raise dogs for service homes. These dogs are intelligent and friendly and eager to please! Work with them daily to learn an array of commands that will fit their future jobs. Train dogs for service careers such as guiding, alerting, and assistance!

So, what are you waiting for, are you ready to let them into your heart?