Terms of Service

Your continued use of heart-tails.com (also referred to as HT, TotH, Tails of the Heart, game, site) signifies your acceptance and compliance with these terms and conditions. Failure to comply results in warning, banning, or other actions taken against your account.

Summary of Terms (Basic Rules):

  • One account per person.
  • No use of external scripts for any reason.
  • Hearts, Biscuits (game currencies), accounts, and items can not be sold for any form of real currency, such as but not limited to; USD, AUD, CAD. However, you may sell any of these for game (virtual) currencies at your own risk.
  • Respect others at all times. Do not degrade, flame, cheat, steal from others, or bully. We take this seriously.
  • Bugs, and glitches must be reported immediately to either the bug board or the mod box. Exploits must be explicitly reported to the mod box and not shared with other players.
  • Discussion or display of politics, offensive, obscene, vulgar, or overly sensitive controversial subjects are not allowed.
  • No sharing of accounts.
  • Tags can be 150x150 pixels, signatures are 200 x 50 pixels, and dog images are 450x500 pixels.

Terms of Service

Tails of the Heart (HT, TotH, heart-tails.com, game, site) is an private website with fake items, currency, dogs, and documentation. Users must be of the appropriate age to use the website or have their parents create the account for them. The website is built to be welcoming for all ages. The owners (we) try to keep the site as clean and child-friendly as possible but we do not control every action that happens on the site. Individuals posting obscene, vulgar, or offensive language are dealt with severely. We do not hold any responsibility for distress, anxiety, or other impressions that any of these areas might have on a user. We advise parents to test the site before allowing their minor children to interact.

Tails of the Heart is not available to users under the age of 18 years except in cases where given explicit parental permission. Your use of the site signifies your agreement to these terms. Parents may create an account for their child with the child’s date of birth if so desired. Tails of the Heart is not responsible for content that users under this age may be susceptible to while using our website. If you are the parent or a legal guardian of a child under the age of 18, you are agreeing to the terms herein on behalf of your child(ren) who are authorized to use these services according to the terms and our privacy policy. If you do not agree to these terms, then do not use the services provided by Tails of the Heart.

Users are only permitted one account per person. This includes knowing the ID and Password of any other account. Users found having more than one account will have the extra accounts banned on the first violation. If the action is repeated, all accounts will be banned. A member who gains money through extra accounts will be fined for the amount gained through those accounts, including both hearts and biscuits.

Each member (player, user, person) is responsible for their own actions. Should a member conduct themselves in a poor manner or in a manner in which is not compliant with the Terms of Service, he or she will be dealt with accordingly. Members acknowledge that conducting themselves in a way that might be offensive or degrading to others results in these actions and may be fined, warned, or banned from further use of the site. We do not tolerate hate, flaming, or slander on our site.

The sharing of accounts for any reason is strictly prohibited. Sharing your account information should not be done unless your account is being sold or given to another player. TotH is not held responsible for players who provide their information to others and have their account hijacked, stolen, vandalized, or other actions the perpetrator may choose to commit. Should we find out you provided your information, you are held just as liable as the person who is completing the actions unless it is verified you sold or gave away the account. In addition, warnings follow along with accounts. So if the previous owner had warnings or fines, they may reflect negatively upon the current owner in any future situations, depending on the situation.

The re-distribution or sharing of illegal content or copyrighted material is not allowed. You are not allowed to plagiarize other individuals by claiming their work is your own whether in coding, writing, artwork, or any other media. You are not permitted to "hotlink" an image from a third-party website. All images posted by a player must be from their own private image host.

TotH is an english-speaking site and members are expected to speak English on our forums. You can use a translator to help you if it is not your native language. All content on TotH will be in English as well. If you do not understand how to use the site it is by no fault of our own. Vulgarities, obscenities, or anything offensive posted in other languages is not permitted.

Use of our site is a privilege and not a right. You are not entitled to anything within the pages. We may take down the site, ban or delete members at our own discretion, and stop the service at any point in time. You do not own any of the fake content on our website. Any of it could be lost or taken away at any point and we are not held responsible for replacing it.

Heart purchases to the website are used to fund Tails of the Heart. Purchasing is not a requirement of playing the game. Refunds for any purchase using real life currency are non-refundable. Should you choose to do a chargeback or force a refund, you may be restricted from accessing the website. Purchasing hearts will result in hearts being credited to your account. Purchasing hearts does not remove your responsibilities to adhere to the Terms of Service and players who purchase hearts will not receive special treatment.

Users are expected to treat other players as they would expect to be treated at all times. This includes the treatment of new members, older members, users of all ages, and staff.

Any images you post, use, or provide on the site (whether for dogs, tags, avatars, or signatures) must belong to you. They must not be copyright in any form. If the images used are from stock, credit must be given back. If the artwork comes from another source, you must provide credit back to the artist. Failure to comply will result in the content being removed from the site.

Staff may act accordingly on their own judgement according to our terms and conditions. They may edit or delete descriptions, images, posts, etc. that may violate the Terms of Service. If a moderator contacts you in regards to something and asks you to change it - therefore giving you the benefit of the doubt - you are required to adhere to what they have told you. Failure to comply with the ToS or a moderator request will result in action being taken against your account.

TotH is not associated with any other online website and is not held responsible for any other sites actions. That said, users who are found to be participating in hate, burn, or attack sites or blogs will be permanently ip banned from further use of our site. While we do not mind users discussing these things off-site and can not control actions not on our site, we will not tolerate the spread of hate or the goal to turn our community against one another.

Cursing and swearing is not permitted except for on the mature (17+) forum and only in small amounts. The continued use of offensive words, swears, or curses will result in a warning to your account. Users are expected to use tact when using words that are categorized under these categories. If posted on any other board, users will receive a fine for swearing, cursing, or offending others. Acronyms to get around filters on any other board will not be tolerated.

Impersonating staff is not tolerated in any form. Users who have been demoted from staff are no longer part of staff and should not be turned to for problems. Users claiming to be staff (moderators, administrators, artists etc) who are not will be fined and possibly banned from further use of the site. This includes the act of mini-modding. Users who are not a part of the staff are not responsible for correcting other users and we expect those users to bring the issue to the attention of a mod rather than handling it themselves.

Users are prohibited from using excessive caps or bright colors on their forum posts, messages, profile, dog page, kennels, estate, or anywhere else on the site. The use of bright colors is damaging to the eyes and hard for other individuals to read. The use of caps signifies yelling and is rude.

Providing personal information such as full name, address, birthdate, and other information is done so at the users discretion. Tails of the Heart will not be held liable for any repercussions caused by these actions.

If anything is against the rules on another site you are not permitted to come to HT and break those rules. This includes any website on the internet. If it is against their ToS to sell their accounts for outside currencies, or to sell their items for other currencies, then you are not permitted to.

Tails of the Heart images, content, coding, and programming are exclusively Copyright to www.heart-tails.com and may not be used in any way shape or form without sole permission of www.heart-tails.com.

All bugs, glitches, and exploits must be appropriately reported. Bugs and glitches need to be posted on the bugs board. Exploits must be reported to the Police Station (Mod Box) right away. Users found to be abusing bugs, glitches, or exploits will be fined severely and may lose the use of their account.

Inactive accounts that have been inactive for over six months are subject to being sold to the public. This includes both abandoned or banned accounts. We are not held responsible for your activity on the site. These accounts will be cleared of their warnings and fines and provided for auction or flat-rate sale to the public of HT. Users who purchase an account must immediately give away or sell their own. The option to swap accounts may be provided at our discretion. We are not held responsible for any issues pertaining to the buying or transfer of these accounts you purchase and do so of your own risk.

Cookies and private data such as your IP address are collected by www.heart-tails.com and are not sold or given away to third-party individuals. This information will only be used for account identification and for the enforcement of rules and fines. Use of the site is agreement to your understanding that this data is collected. Read more about our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to alter/change any of these given terms at any time without any given notice.